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The Blissful Parenting Program helps parents deal with behavior challenges without bribing, threatening, or yelling. Right now, get 30 days access for just $1. (Normally $17/mo)

CANCEL ANYTIME! $1 to enjoy a full 30 days. $17/mo billed automatically after, unless you cancel by replying to any of our emails.

"I loved the whole class. Everything really clicked for me & I will use this info in my daily life."

"A completely different way to think about and approach discipline."

"All the info was very useful I will definitely apply it to my relationship with my child!"

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up For Your $1 Trial Membership Today...

Everything you need to know about dealing with child behavior challenges peacefully plus ongoing support when you need it!

The Behavior Transformation Course

When you go through this 5-part course, you will gain mastery over your child's 4 hidden agendas as well as exactly what to say and do for behavior motivated by attention, power, revenge, or inadequacy to improve the behavior and prevent it in the future.

30 Essential Blissful Parenting Skills

Fill your toolbox with new skills for dealing with behavior challenges, communicating without misunderstandings, managing time and expectations, and much more. 40+ video tutorials at your fingertips to help solve any parenting challenge with confidence.

Blissful Parenting eBook + Audio

This e-book normally sells on Amazon for $10 but you will get full access to the online version for FREE as part of this 30 day trial. You'll also get to download the "audio" version of this e-book and download it to any device. 

Monthly Interviews With Parenting Book Authors

Every month we conduct live workshops as well as interviews with our faculty of parenting experts. We record these sessions and place them in our private members-only website.

Private Coaching Session

To really experience the full value of your membership, we strongly encourage you to schedule a 20 minute behavior breakthrough coaching session where your coach will help identify instant shifts that will make a big difference to your child's behavior.

What's Included In the Program?

40+ Hours of Value Packed Video Tutorials

This program gives you a step-by-step process for correctly identifying the "root cause" for the behavior and then provides you with the correct approach to that behavior based on WHY it is happening. It also gives you word-for-word examples of what to say that will re-direct the behavior with out having to beg, bribe, or yell.

Skill-Developing Practice Exercises

Parents have told us that what they really want is new tools for their toolbox so they never run out of things they can try when challenging behavior happens. You will learn the 30 essential Blissful Parenting skills and tools that will keep that toolbox full and help you confidently deal with any situation that comes your way.

BONUS: Join Our Private Facebook Community

Become part of a parenting community that is on a similar transformational journey that you are about to begin. Surround yourself with people who are committed to their own personal growth as much as they are to the growth of their family. Ask questions and get immediate answers from fellow parents as well as our team of coaches. We do weekly live videos in the Facebook(tm) group where you can interact with the instructor in real-time.

BONUS: 20-Minute Private Coaching Session

Everyone who joins our community gets a 20 minute private coaching session with our dedicated team of certified parenting coaches. In this call we can identify exactly what you need to do to transform your #1 most important challenge and point you in the right direction.

Meet Your Instructor

With more than 12 years experience of leading parenting workshops in local communities, Charles Anderson will lead you through this online program.

As a father of 4 children, 2 of which are now teenagers, he knows first-hand the challenges that parents face every day.

Learning and teaching the 4 Hidden Agendas Behavior Transformation Method has been been transformational for him and it can be for you as well!

Here's What People Have Said About This Program...

I just wanted to share with you the importance of the work that you’re doing..

This morning, my 6 year old daughter Rachel was getting very frustrated working with a arts and crafts project and she had a temper tantrum (items thrown, crying) when things weren’t going her way.

Usually, I would get worked up on the tantrum part, which led us both to ‘blow up stage’.

Instead, while she was blowing up, I asked myself quickly: What has Chuck taught me?

I quickly realised this was ‘inadequacy’ mixed with some frustration feelings - She even said “I don’t know how to do this” while wailing.

I then said to her “It must be frustrating when things don’t work the way we want. Do you want me to help?” She said she wanted mom to help her, (which in turn mom came to support). Rachel very quickly calmed down when she knew I was going to get help for her.

No blow ups, no war. The old Drew would of focused solely on the temper tantrum – instead, we hit a bump and moved on.

You are positively impacting people’s lives, and I wanted you to know this. Thank you!


This is fantastic. It recognises all the feelings parents have when children are challenging and helps validate the situation as well as giving suggestions on how to handle it.


I see more improvement within myself than I do in my daughter. She's still having a lot of issues but I do see a small light at the end of the tunnel mainly because with the change in my attitude and thinking the way she responds to me now has been an improvement in some cases. But, we got a long, long, way to go.  I spoke with my husband and we agree to try your program on the one year subscription.


Thank u so much it has been a great help to me . I have a 17 year old and sometimes argue with her and don't win will try to prevent arguments by remembering to validate her. Great info in regards to dealing with a teen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it only $1, how does that work?

As part of this trial offer, your first 30 days of this program is only $1. After 30 days, $17/month will be billed automatically thereafter, unless you cancel by replying to any of our emails. CANCEL ANYTIME!

Your parenting journey is not about to end any time soon and you will likely need support along the way. As an active subscriber you will have unlimited access to all included course material and will be able to ask your questions as needed. Private coaching is also available upon request.

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

It starts as soon as you enroll. After enrolling you will have unlimited access to this program as long as you have an active subscription and can be viewed on any and all devices that you own. Inside the program there are HOURS of skill developing content + exercises.

Can't I just learn all this on Youtube?

Youtube is a fantastic resource with more free videos than any individual is capable of watching when it comes to parenting and raising children.

But a side effect of only learning on Youtube is that you'll waste dozens of hours searching for videos only to find partial answers or learning content that is not really helpful. Since there is no "one size fits all" solutions to specific parenting challenges, what you really need is a system for getting to the "root" of the problem, and not some preachy video containing stuff you've already tried.

If you want to make a fast and long lasting transformation, then Behavior Transformation Mastery is for you.

Plus, what is your time worth?

This program will save you weeks or even months of frustration searching for answers.

For some - that's $17/mo well spent!  (It's only 56 cents per day!)

What ages of kids does this program work for?

The Behavior Transformation Mastery system is designed to work from ages 3 through 16. We recognize there there is a distinct difference in behavior in such a wide age range but the REASONS why the behavior is happening are the same. We call these reasons the 4 HIDDEN AGENDAS. When you become masterful at identifying the correct agenda, no matter what your child's age is, you'll be sure to respond to that behavior in a way that satisfies the agenda. When the needs of the agenda are met, there is no more reason to misbehave.

Scroll back up this page to read the stories and testimonials of other parents who have applied this system from young children to school aged to teenager.

Does this program have info for dealing with a teenager?

Yes! While the system for determining the real case of the behavior is the same for any aged child, the way we communicate with teenagers is different. In the Behavior Transformation Mastery program you will learn how to word your responses in such a way that simultaneously addresses the need or hidden agenda driving the behavior while also honoring your teens need for independence.

It can be a difficult balance, and you may still get it wrong sometimes, but that is why we are here to answer your questions and guide you through this sometimes unpredictable phase in your child's life.

What is your refund policy?

If you contact us within 30 days of making any payment, you can contact us for a refund of that payment. Refunds are limited to only amounts that were paid within the past 30 days. If you are on the monthly subscription package, then only the current month payment will be refunded. Our refund policy does not include payments made in previous months.