Blissful Parenting 6 Week Positive Discipline Online Course

Become a happier parent and develop peaceful relationships with your kids by learning to implement “positive discipline” into your parenting style.

To help parents cope with difficult behavior challenges and prevent them from occurring again in the future, we developed the Blissful Parenting System, a comprehensive, step-by-step process that will help you address the challenges that are most pertinent to your family’s unique situation, and improve your relationships for years to come. This methodology is based on 30+ proven and essential life skills that parents can use as tools for themselves and become a model for their children to follow.

The Blissful Parenting 6-Week Positive Discipline Online Course will allow you to:

  • Overcome difficult behavior challenges and power struggles facing most parents
  • Create and use a 5 step problem solving model to target the ideal solution for any given problem
  • Use powerful communication templates that will eliminate conflict and stop bad behavior before it starts
  • Clearly define a customized code of honor for your family
  • Become a master of effective life skills and a model for your kids to become responsible adults
  • Receive a FREE digital copy of the Blissful Parenting Handbook and 6 Strategies For Eliminating Child Behavior Problems Audio Program (a $55 value)

Setting the Stage for Ultimate Parenting Success – Blissful Parenting’s “BLISS” Methodology

The BLISS methodology is new, but it’s foundation is built upon years of experience and know-how and is ready to take you to advanced stage in your parenting skills knowledge.  The BLISS methodology is an acronym for the following five key steps:

  • Become the parent that your child needs you to be
  • Learn and master effective life skills
  • Influence your children to master effective life skills
  • Surround yourself with positive support
  • Share with others and be a model to follow

Based on this new methodology, our online course takes you step-by-step toward creating an effective and positive parenting strategy. The class is filled with research-based insights on proven practices, hands-on exercises and real life tools and skills from parents just like you.

All students receive a FREE copy of the 2012 Blissful Parenting Handbook and the 6 Strategies For Eliminating Child Behavior Problems Audio Program (a $55 value)

This online course is based on our 2012 Blissful Parenting Handbook. You’ll receive a FREE copy of the handbook plus the accompanying audio program (a $55 value) to be used as your textbook during the course and as a valuable reference tool afterwards. The Handbook gives your step-by-step tactics on how to eliminate bad child behavior, neutralize power struggles, and create respectful relationships with your kids and your partner.

Your handbook includes:

  • 98 pages focused on a “positive discipline” approach to top parenting challenges
  • 30+ real world tools and life skills as examples of what works
  • 10 experiential case studies and exercises
  • Step-by-step tactics on solving difficult parenting problems and power struggles
  • Practical training on communication, stress reduction, nurturing, and controlling emotional responses

Our Online, On-Demand Courses are Convenient

  • LIVE online classes begin on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 (recordings available)
  • Your instructor will answer as many questions as you want during the live sessions
  • Students get access to the recorded lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can view, rewind, fast-forward, or review each course session at any time
  • Questions between classes? Get support from our staff via email and on our blog

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Your Instructor

Charles Murray is the author of Blissful Parenting—How To Eliminate Child Behavior Problems & Create Respectful Relationships With Your Kids. As a happily married father of 3 boys, Charles has adapted his training specifically to helping parents of children & teens deal with the many behavioral issues that come with the job of being a parent.

He has an energetic and engaging presentation style that uses the latest accelerated learning techniques and a high level of audience involvement. This training style helps participants learn faster, remember more, and achieve results that are immediate and long lasting.

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