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Discover The #1 Reason Why
Positive Discipline Fails For Other Parents
And Why It WILL Work For You!

Completely ELIMINATE child behavior problems without having to resort to yelling and screaming at your kids to get them to behave.

Some facts:

• Did you know that at least 95% of YOUR BEHAVIORS as a parent were learned before you were 18 years old? You didn’t even have kids yet! No wonder parents are FRUSTRATED as they repeat the same ineffective parenting that their parents used.

• Did you know that using “time outs” and punishments are a HORRIBLE way to get your children to respect and listen to you? Wherever did we get the idea that to get kids to BE GOOD we first need to make them FEEL BAD?

• Did you know that “correcting bad behavior” is an arcane concept that will never get the compliance and respect you are looking for (unless you make your kids so afraid of you that they wouldn’t dare disobey you – which isn’t healthy for them or you)

• Punishments and discipline are a complete waste of time 99% of the time for 99% of those using them to deal with bad behavior (from my perspective)

I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard stuff like that anywhere else, have you?!

I don’t hold back in my new book & it’s a measly $5 (and worth easily 100 X that price):

In this book I reveal the TRUTH behind many misconceptions and flat out lies that you’ve been told about parenting and who’s to blame for the behavior!

how to deal with childrenBlissful Parenting – How To Deal With Children & Child Behavior Problems Using Positive Discipline With Your Kids is filled with the EXACT information you need to finally learn how to deal with kids in a positive way. When you are ready to eliminate behavior problems in children with positive discipline, what you need is a parenting resource that doesn’t just give copies of the same old ineffective strategies that everyone else has.

You’ll learn:

• The “positive” parenting models that work to develop strong relationships
• The 30+ essential life skills that can be used to deal with a variety of difficult problems
• How to create close personal relationships with your kids, your partner, & yourself
• What DOESN’T work but is being heavily hyped by “celebrity” parenting gurus
• How to recognize when your relationships need work and what to do about it
• Where to start and where NOT to start


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