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Summary: Having a system for getting and staying organized is one of the best things overwhelmed moms can do to control the chaos in their home. 

There are so many ways to approach this, but if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of time or money, organization specialist Heather Steinker has developed an easy way for overworked moms to take care of their home, their children, their partner, and themselves without all the chaos.

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Why Is The Chaos So Difficult To Control?

Every morning you swear to yourself that tomorrow will be better. You’ll prep lunch boxes this evening. You’ll wake up earlier. You’ll have time for some deep breathing exercises so you aren’t stressed and ready to snap the moment anything goes wrong. 

But then the evening comes with its own chaos and you don’t get any lunches packed. And your youngest keeps you up past midnight. So the next day you’re just as short on time, stressed, hurried, and despair is sinking in because it doesn’t seem like this will ever be better.

Sound familiar? This was me and a lot of other moms and dads too. 

We are barely hanging on as parents. There’s no time for the necessities, let alone self care or even a break to refresh our stamina and patience. 

Too many parents have accepted that this is just how it is. They will be living on edge, moments from their own breakdown...until they’re empty-nesters. 

But right now your relationships are struggling under the weight of all that stress. And you may even be worrying about the future of your relationship with your children if things keep going this way.

People aren’t meant to put aside their own needs for weeks (or years) at a time. Parents aren’t super heroes. We are human and we need to balance all the parts of our lives so we don’t burn out.

But how are you going to do that? Get some quick tips below and if you need a little more help there’s a workshop you can sign up for too. All the info on that is at the end.

5 Ways To Get The Chaos Under Control

While it may feel hopeless right now, you really can make your life smoother and easier even with young kids (or teenagers, as the case may be…). 

  • Tip 1: Take the shortcut. If there’s a way to do something in a simpler way, do it. Make things easier on yourself. It’s not cheating if you buy everyone in the house the same socks so every sock matches every other one. Or buy a premade crust for your holiday pie. Give yourself permission to do it the easiest way available to you (that you still feel comfortable with)
  • Tip 2: Focus on what matters to you and let everything else be. Hold onto your big picture perspective and remind yourself to think of how important something is going to be a week from now. Will it matter if your kid missed a bath? Maybe it does. Maybe that’s something that’s important to you. And that’s fine, but think about what things are priorities to you and what things you can relax your standards on.
  • Tip 3: Plan now to be prepared later. Any time that you take to make a plan and organize your strategy is going to pay off in huge returns. 
  • Tip 4: Don’t try to do it all yourself. Usually one parent (and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing it’s you) ends up taking on more and more and more of the household work because in the moment it seems easier to just do it yourself. Rather than trying to explain what you need done or delegate responsibility for an aspect of the home it feels faster to just do it. But then you get bogged down with more and more weight, resentment builds, and you never get any sort of break. This is where something like my Chaos Control System home manual is very helpful because you can write out all the stuff that’s only in your head right now and other people can reference it as needed.
  • Tip 5: Children thrive on routine and predictability. You and I have been around long enough to expect life to be unpredictable. We can only control ourselves and you never know when life will throw you a curveball. For children that is really scary. They don’t have the experience to know that they’ll get through it and they also have even less control over their own lives just because they are so young. Those are reasons that kids find routines comforting. Knowing what’s coming next makes them feel safe and secure. Plus, how much easier is it to deal with something unexpected when you have contingency plans in place? That’s what my workshop is all about.

Why Have A System For Controlling Chaos?

What stopped my home from descending into chaos when I had health problems, three small children, and a husband who was traveling most of the time was having a system.

I started looking at myself as the CEO of the household and I created systems and plans for the running of the house as well as emergencies and contingencies.

Having a Chaos Control System in place cuts down on chaos in the first place and also helps us to manage it when it does happen. Being prepared is going to make you feel so much calmer. You’ll be in control, you’ll be less rushed. It’s the best way to manage this time in our lives, in my personal experience.

Now I’m offering my Chaos Control System to other moms and dads who are overwhelmed and exhausted from the chaos in their homes. 


Chaos Control Procedure with Heather Steinker

Heather Steinker is an instructor at Blissful Parenting where she helps moms identify the root cause of the chaos in their home and create a plan to proactively eliminate and prevent it. In her Chaos Control Workshop, you will learn how to create calm from chaos.