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The Chaos Control Procedure Workshop will learn how to create calm from chaos. This workshop will guide you through developing your plan and implementing these simple habits in your household right now to keep stress down and panic at bay.!

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Why Is The Chaos So Difficult To Control?

Every morning you swear to yourself that tomorrow will be better. You’ll prep lunch boxes this evening. You’ll wake up earlier. You’ll have time for some deep breathing exercises so you aren’t stressed and ready to snap the moment anything goes wrong.

But then the evening comes with its own chaos and you don’t get any lunches packed. And your youngest keeps you up past midnight. So the next day you’re just as short on time, stressed, hurried, and despair is sinking in because it doesn’t seem like this will ever be better.

Sound familiar? 

This was me and a lot of other moms and dads too.

We are barely hanging on as parents. There’s no time for the necessities, let alone self care or even a break to refresh our stamina and patience.

Too many parents have accepted that this is just how it is. They will be living on edge, moments from their own breakdown...until they’re empty-nesters.

But right now your relationships are struggling under the weight of all that stress. And you may even be worrying about the future of your relationship with your children if things keep going this way.

People aren’t meant to put aside their own needs for weeks (or years) at a time. Parents aren’t super heroes. We are human and we need to balance all the parts of our lives so we don’t burn out.

But how are you going to do that? 

What You Need Is A System For Controlling The Chaos And Keeping Your Family Organized So They Are Less Dependent On You To Do Everything!

Having a Chaos Control System in place cuts down on chaos in the first place and also helps us to manage it when it does happen. Being prepared is going to make you feel so much calmer. You’ll be in control, you’ll be less rushed. It’s the best way to manage this time in our lives, in my personal experience.

Now I’m offering my Chaos Control System to other moms and dads who are overwhelmed and exhausted from the chaos in their homes.

Finally, the solution you've been searching for...

A step-by-step system for your home that leads to keeping everything and everyone in your family so organized that chaos doesn't even have a chance!

Part 1: How To Organize Your Home For Success

In this workshop you will learn what information is most important to have in your home planner and how to set it up so you always know where to find everything you need.

  • Getting prepared to prevent chaos
  • Setting up systems & routines for the entire family
  • Introduction to the home planner

Part 2: How Household Chaos & Child Behavior Are Linked

In this workshop you will learn how to manage your schedule so your children aren’t fighting you over every little thing and prevent a lot of chaos before it even happens.

  • Making transition times easier
  • What to do when kids aren't listening
  • Coaching your kids to get onboard with the plan

Step 3: How To Get Your Family Organized & Less Chaotic

In this workshop you will learn how to make these changes actually stick. If you’ve tried other systems before you know that if you don’t have something customized to you and your life it’s not possible to keep up. In this part you will build your own system specific to you.

  • Developing routines for better predictability
  • Getting everyone working together
  • How to organize your organization 

BONUS: Fill-In-The-Blanks Checklists & Planner

How to store all the most important details of running your home so you can step away if you need to without the house descending into madness. Knowing what to expect helps keep kids calm and happy so fill out and print this family schedule to help them transition peacefully throughout the day.

When you organize your home life using these 3 steps in a way that works for your lifestyle, you'll have a method to end the chaos, and your home becomes more pleasant and peaceful.

Instant Online Access

After your quick checkout, you will gain immediate access to all the training materials that are part of this workshop so you can get started right away.

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Heather gives you a guided process with video lessons and a workbook so you can immediately start planning and applying the strategies.

Supportive Community

Gain access to the Blissful Parenting private Facebook Group, an amazing tribe of positive, like-minded parents committed to living their best!

Money Back Guarantee

You're going to love this workshop. We guarantee it with a no-risk 60 day money back guarantee. If you don't love it, we'll return your money.

The Chaos Control Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to create calm from chaos. Children thrive on predictability and routine. If chaos or crisis happens, life still happens and keeping up a constant and consistent environment is essential to keep stress down and panic at bay.

The Chaos Control Procedure Workshop will guide you through developing your plan and implementing these simple habits in your household right now!

Here's Everything That's Included ...

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  • BONUS #1: Printable "Easy Reference" Planner 
  • BONUS #2: Lifetime access to our private support group 

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You'll Also Get These 3 Amazing Bonuses ...

When you sign up for the Chaos Control Workshop today, you will receive these powerful bonuses to help you make changes that will actually stick this time.

Printable Planner

These step-by-step planners and checklists will help you create a plan to stay organized.

$50 Gift Voucher

You will also received a $50 gift voucher that can be used for future courses and workshops.

Private Support Group

This is an amazing tribe of positive, like-minded parents who support each other.


You're going to love the Chaos Control Procedure Workshop. We guarantee it with a no-risk 60 day money back guarantee, during which you can try all the strategies with your family. If for some reason you don't love what you've learned, we'll promptly return your money.

Does that sound fair?

We've taken the risk out so you can see how the Chaos Control Procedure Workshop can work for you and your family.

"Instruction booklets are not included with your kiddo, but what if you had one for everything else in your life?"

Hi, I'm Heather Steinker

Founder of Chaos n' Cookies

In 2003, I was diagnosed with a genetic spinal condition called spondylolisthesis. At 18 years old, the dream of a collegiate soccer career was over and the start of a painful road was here. In 2004, my first spinal fusion resulted in serious complications including a staph infection requiring additional surgery five weeks later.

Fast forward to 2017, another spinal fusion down, bringing the total to eight titanium screws and six rods in my spine… yikes! Unlike the first surgery, I was a mother of two toddlers and four months postpartum with my third baby. 

Three kiddos all in diapers and under the age of four. Can you see it?

Nursing an infant along with all things baby, potty training a three-year-old and knee-deep in the “Terrible Twos”.

Chaos and Cookies were my life and truthfully, it still is.

After everything, I am 100% pain-free and in the best shape of my life, mentally and physically.

Once struggling to play with my kids on the floor or go for a casual walk, I can now play tag and throw crazy dance parties in the kitchen. I can now vacation without stopping to sit down and take breaks while sightseeing.

With this new lease on life, my mission is to help others get off the couch and stop watching from the sidelines!

You can have it all.

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