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During this LIVE Internet Broadcast, “Blissful Parenting” author Charles Murray Anderson is going to reveal to you the exact methods he’s used for years to deal with the behavior challenges of his own 3 children as well has helping hundreds of other parents worldwide to TRANSFORM bad behavior into peaceful and respectful relationships with their kids.

Here’s what he will reveal during this live online presentation:

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  • Positive approaches to parenting that will stop the yelling & conflict in it’s tracks
  • The ONE communication change that eliminates ALL misunderstandings & arguments
  • How to set up a SIMPLE code of conduct that the entire family will “happily” follow
  • The reason why parents get stressed-out and how to complete release this stress
  • 5-step problem solving model that is guaranteed to solve any parenting problem with ease
  • 3 effective time management tricks that will bring back your sanity


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